Parsons School of Design

MS Strategic Design and Management

Fall 2021

Class: Sustainable Business Models

Business Model

Final Project: Nietx

A secure matchmaking service that connects young caregivers with elderly people in need. 

TaskRabbit meets Tinder in this service to accompany the elder population in need of non-medical company by assisting with daily tasks such as grocery shopping or recreational activities like a walk, a coffee, or a quick trip to the salon; relieving family members that work as care-takers (70% of care-taking relatives have work problems because of their dual role). 

Class: Managing Creative Projects and Teams

Team Project

Final project: Capsule

Along the semester teams are broken up and put back together to deconstruct, reframe, and completely transform an already existing company.

Capsule is (or claims to) be the pharmacy that delivers prescriptions, the same day, for free—all from one convenient, easy-to-use app. We found out, it isn’t.

After destroying, questioning, and re-building; we came up with a new Capsule. A company based in a convenient App, where small pharmacies Powered by Capsule can deliver medicine or other products via Capsule’s network of delivery persons, aka Cappers.

Class: SD&M in New Economies

Design Project: Essay

On Manifestos and a surprising revelation

Reviewing several authors I try to answer: where does the value of a manifesto rely on? Not quite answered yet, in this essay I explore how if the form in which an idea is presented is more important than the idea itself.


Final Project: Essay

The future of Manifestos

What tools do Manifestos and their authors have now, that didn’t have before? In this essay, I explore the benefits and risks of expressing powerful ideas in a world where we can target audiences as wide or niche as we want.