María Gracia Morales

Brooklyn, New York
(845) 718-0069


Parsons, New York, USA
MS Strategic Design and Management Candidate, 2023

Mod’Art, Lima, Peru
Diploma in Integrated Fashion Design, 2018 -Fashion design program directed at professionals

Universidad del Pacifico, Lima, Peru
Postgraduate Diploma in Design Thinking, 2018
-Program semi-sponsored by Scharff in order to properly manage the company’s transformation

Universidad ESAN, Lima, Peru Specialization in Sales, 2014 -Program sponsored by 3M

Universidad de Lima, Lima, Peru
Bachelor of Industrial Engineering, 2007 – 2012

Professional Experience

Scharff Logística Integrada S.A., Lima, Peru
Scharff is a logistics company (3PL, 4PL) with more than 37 years of experience and a representative of FedEx in Peru for 27 years.

Sales Leader, October 2019 – December 2020
New markets development: Logistic services for persons and entrepreneurs
– Developed new B2C services: experience design for new and specific customers.
– Managed a commercial team focused on results.
– Adapted logistical services from big corporations to small entrepreneurs.
– Brand development for awareness.
– Grew sales 20% in one year.
– Managed web development and web promotions.

Innovation Leader, September 2017 – October 2019
Innovation labs: Creating or collaborative intervening of logistics processes within various markets to change the way of doing business. Successful cases include:
– Co-created new logistics services for the textile sector.
– Creation of a new business model for a retail operation.
– Developed a new B2B2C business plan for electric tools.
– Developed and implemented a platform to manage bulk carrier transport.

Transformation projects: Directed at new business models, the transformation of national logistics processes, and substantial improvements in Scharff’s regular operations. Successful cases include:
– Compra&Trae: A business model that provides an address in the USA to any person who wishes to buy something through e-commerce and have it sent to Lima in under ten days.
– Developed the first logistics online assistant: Amanda. Supported by IBM’s Watson technology, the assistant has artificial intelligence that allows it to understand natural language and to respond to FedEx inquiries, 24/7, via Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.
– Zendesk: Omni-channel customer service platform that performs traceability of a customer’s interaction through different channels, reducing the time it takes to solve queries and problems, saving customer history, and raising proactive alerts.

3M Peru, Lima, Peru
Is an industrial company that innovates with purpose & uses science every day to create a real impact in every life around the world.

Trade Marketing Coordinator, October 2015 – August 2017
Industrial and consumer goods for the traditional hardware retail market.
– Managed activities and promotions in point of sale and distribution channels.
– Complied with sales quotas over 100%.
– Developed loyalty plans for the entire supply chain: incentives such as trips to Formula 1 Mexico 2017 for distributors, training and loyalty events for merchants, and activations at the point of sale for end-users, among others.
– Won NGV 2016 program: new growth venture worldwide program. Digital rewards program with product and business training initiatives.
– Developed channel’s new business lines: automotive line and personal safety line.
– Developed a new brand identity for the hardware channel.
– Managed budget and personnel.
– Saved 15% in annual marketing investments
– Grew coverage of sales positions.
– Developed a portfolio of specialized clients.

Sales Executive, June 2013 – September 2015
Consumer goods, stationery, and office supplies division, traditional markets.
– Managed Post-it and Scotch brands.
– Grew sales by 8-10% annually.
– Contributed to 3M being recognized as the most important office supply supplier in the country/
– Manage monthly quotas of $70k in regular months and $130k in back-to-school months.
– Negotiated product exhibitions at sales points in the most important chains in the country.
– Developed disruptive and unique material, always aligned with the brand.
– Recruited, trained, and managed a team of 40 sales associates at different sales points.

Instituto San Ignacio de Loyola (ISIL), Lima, Peru
ISIL is an academic institute focused on an education adjusted to the reality of educational modernity, the job offer, and the option that our students can access a job while they study.

Marketing Teacher, August 2016 – June 2017
– Taught three subjects per semester; classes of approximately 35 students, 19-35 years old.
– Subjects covered: marketing techniques for successful campaigns, communication theory, negotiation workshops, consumer behavior, interviewing, theory of customer persona, journey maps.

Groupon Peru, Lima, Peru
Groupon is part of a global holding company, a coupon startup with a hospitality unit.

Key Account Manager, Travel Channel, December 2012 – May 2013
– Opened accounts with large local chains.
– Managed accounts with 5-star hotels.
– Negotiated with international hotel chains.
– Edited and published online publications on a national level.
– Reached average compliance of 105% of the group quota and 106% of the personal quota.
– Managed weekly sales of over $2k.


Spanish (native)
English (professional proficiency (108 TOEFL))
French (basic)

Professional Development & Publications
– ASEP Entrepreneur Conference: gave speech titled “Designing the Delivery Experience: Design Tools and Logistics Methodologies” (2018).
– Course: Strategic Storytelling, Columbia University, New York, USA; developed the concept of “story thinking” and how it can be used to achieve maximum impact in a digital world (2017).
– Article in Logistica 360: “Sharff Creates the First Logistics Virtual Assistant in Peru” (2018).
– Article in Blog Gestión: “Logistics Innovation Labs” (2018).
– Article in Diario Gestión: “Sharff Will Use Artificial Intelligence to Grow in Bolivia” (2019).