Hi and welcome!

This is MG.
I’m a Strategy Designer and Project Manager. I have experience in the design and creation of new business models (ideation stage), as well as in their control and management (execution and iteration).
I brand myself as Business Creative, which means I’ve developed the skills to think outside the box while keeping growth as the ultimate goal.
You can check my LinkedIn profile here and my CV here.
At the moment, I’m a graduate student in the Strategic Design and Management program at Parsons.

I am an Industrial Engineer, and began my career in the Commercial area, later migrating to the Innovation and Transformation areas. This journey allows me to have measure projects not only in a qualitative but also in a quantitative manner.
Luckily, I’ve been able to manage the services I’ve designed, and for that, I also have experience in the control and supervision of different KPIs. I believe it’s important to control strategic variables during the development stages of a new business model to be able to lead it to success. (It also helps that Excel sheets are my passion.)
I’m currently based in Brooklyn, New York.

Now, let me show what I’ve done so far.

See my work here:

Company: Scharff

Project management

2017 – 2020

Company: 3M

Commercial development

2016 – 2017

Academic projects

Grad School: Parsons School of Design

MS Strategic Design & Management

Fall 2021

Personal interests